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South African fashion designer, Kayla Stamboul was born in 1993. She is the Creative Director and Founder of the women’s fashion line Kayla Stam.
Kayla has had a keen sense for fashion from an early age, inspired by her mother whom she watched throw together practical yet stylish outfits for work, cool casual looks for leisure and the true definition of Sunday best to attend church every week. She pursued a career in fashion attending Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy with a focus on couture for the first two years of her study career. She transferred and graduated from Lisof Design & Retail Academy in her final year, to focus on commercial fashion.
After graduating Kayla went on to gain further hands-on business experience and simultaneously developed a strong business acumen for the fashion industry. As a “girl’s girl”, Kayla appreciates a well-rounded look from head to toe and aims to inspire women of all ages.





Kayla Stam was inspired by the woman that Kayla Stamboul aspired to be; a smart, sophisticated and stylish city woman. From inception the brand has had an element of attainable aspiration. Kayla Stam is focused on commercializing high-end fashion and making it accessible to everyday modern women. We are passionate about the fact that whatever we design has to be worn.
Kayla Stam offers ready-to-wear, office and occasion wear inspired pieces for women. Kayla Stam prides itself in attention to detail with the creative director intimately involved in the end-to-end process ensuring it produces high-quality items, giving each garment a personal touch. Although we intend to give you an affordable brand, we do not compromise on quality; ensuring that you get a better price for a better product.
Kayla Stam also offers a limited-edition range made with rare and luxurious fabrics with unique designs, available for the more discerning customer.
Kayla Stam’s priority is to ensure that her client looks and feels good in both her personal and professional life. Offering her the perfect combination of trendy yet timeless pieces that she’ll love for years.
In July 2021, Kayla Stam opened a physical retail store in Rosebank Mall under the Soko District umbrella, which has been an exciting milestone for the brand. 
In the ever changing fast-pace consumer landscape and competitive market, Kayla Stam offers the convenience of an online and in-store experience where garments sell rapidly.
It’s a breathtakingly fresh brand designed for the ultimate city woman.




After briefly working in the corporate world, Kayla recognised that trendy clothes were not suitable for the work place and rarely reflect the personal style of customers. One of our main goals is to adapt trends in a way that will suit our customer and is appropriate to their professional lifestyle. Most of the new seasons trends are easily translatable into work-wear, however, making work wear look modern requires fashion knowledge.
When shopping on our site you will be able to find contemporary styles whether your office dress code is casual, business casual or strictly business. There are minuscule details that will satisfy your desire to be taken seriously while still being fashionable, essentially combining practicality and chic style.